Fashion is my way to signify particular expression in the arts. It's a kind of sculpture, compatible with the human body. Therefore the most important is to seek unique solutions of form, dynamics and color.

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Magdalena Koziej Designer of young generation, graduated from the Faculty of Textile and Fashion, Lodz Fine Arts Academy. Creates for women loving the art.



  • Master's Degree with honours at Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz


  • special award at Air France Fashion Contest 2014: the internship with Manish Arora
  • fashion show at the Gallery Berlin, Berlin Fashion Week 2014
  • representing Poland at Apolda European Design Award 2014, competition dedicated to the best fashion design students from european art schools


  • awarded during the Diploma Fashion Show of Lodz Fine Arts Academy by Academy Rector and companies: Adrian, LPP, TAWO.


  • winner of the contest "Design a leather jacket for Big Star"

Numerous publications: Gala, MESS Magazine, Confashion, Bisous, M Magazine, Fashion Market. Photo shooting with Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, Candy Girl, Ilona Felicjańska and Agata Nizińska. Cooperation with photographers, like: Oliver Rauch, Arcadius Mauritz, Sylwia Bomba and stylists: Magda Jagnicka, Heiko Palach, Polka Style. Read the [interview] with Magdalena Koziej for


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